Teejver Singh Malik (Physical Trainer Delhi, Ranji Team NIS Athletic Coach (National Coach) International Athlete)

I must talk about that the devoted efforts of all the tea m members of Ram Orthotics are truly remarkable

I must talk about that the devoted efforts of all the tea m members of Ram Orthotics are truly remarkable.You set the benchmark in providing world class services and treatment procedures to make us live a pain free life.
I represented the nation of India on many national level sport events, currently I am fitness trainer at Feroz Shah Kotla (Delhi District Cricket Association). In this field the player needs to get active and physically fit at all times. Different kind of techniques, drills, equipments and hectic schedules demand extra effort from the young players. Ram orthotics helped me a lot and works as a healer to heal me. Your customized insoles are designed very innovatively. It has a notion that each step, the vertical axis of the heel ideally should land almost perpendicular to the ground. Just because of the healing technique of Ram orthotics, my body posture has been corrected and now I am able to practise without stress. The insoles support my foot and ensure my body movement without any severe or long time pain.
Special thanks to Mr. Navneet for helping me or many others, such products that are only available in foreign countries and players can enjoy a pain free life at affordable prices.
Orthotics repair service is simply a relieve therapy for your foot. Many people suffer from excessive pain, or rolling inwards of the feet and ankles, and collapsing of the arches. To deal with such trouble I would suggest Ram orthotics products as they are highly focused to eradicate such physical foot pain people deal with. However custom made soles are not designed to last forever, you can go for repair after some years of usage. It makes the life easy for you. The equipments which are used in the treatment are designed to give a pain free life to the runner.