Pooja Jakhar (400m Hurdles National champion since 2005)

Ram Orthotics is simply proves a ray of light for me.

Ram Orthotics is simply proves a ray of light for me. Few years back, I met with an injury minor but painful due to that I suffered a lot from reckless Knee pain, ankle pain and heel pain. Thanks to the devoted and well qualified doctors of Ram Orthotics, the dedicated staff members also helped me to recover from my pain. More or less I would say you have implemented a gradual pain management technique in the course of treatment that could help the sufferer to come back in the same spirit.
Earlier I had to face troubles while my practice session. Being a national player I have some responsibilities or burden on my shoulders and because of your treatment, I could again perform without any kind of foot pain. I am immensely thankful to Mr. Navneet, your efforts to make me pain free are priceless.
All I have got from the last one year experience, I would highly recommend your services and quality product for the treatment to all players who want to get rid of foot injuries pain or ankle pain. You’re simply a relief factor for those who are sufferers of foot pain. Keep up the great work.
I believe a perfect foot therapy will result in long life happiness for a player. A player needs to be fit and be sensitive to his body postures. In India, it’s one of its own kind foot orthotics devices which were introduced to make players to tackle with foot disorders. Earlier Indian players visit overseas to get certain products for foot injuries. I experienced the devices and I personally advice to players to go for this gentle healing products.