Dr. Anand (Physio-Indian Basketball Team)

For patients suffering from more serious biomechanical disorders

For patients suffering from more serious biomechanical disorders the customized soles of Ram Orthotics provide a better solution. Over-pronation is the most common ailment most people suffer from. Therefore in order to cure foot disorders, it’s a wise decision to consult Ram orthotics.
I would be grateful for the healing work and determination of Ram orthotics. Our national level basket ball players’ benefits a lot from the curative products. Earlier it was a difficulty to find a shoe sole of size 15. If in any case we find it then the cost of the shoes are comparatively expensive. But now after coming to Ram Orthotics, I got amazed by seeing the great work of your team in India.
Mr. Navneet, I am really proud of your dedicated team efforts. Your healing device makes me walk or run without any severe or minor ache. It relieves my knee joints ache, as being a national level basket ball player our team had to bear a lot of wounds or shock and forces because of jumping on hard surfaces. Players usually have greater chances; to get prone to foot injuries but now it’s become manageable by your services or products to deal with such problems. Even I have got customized soles for the ease or relax to cure my foot ache. Foot Orthotics is now distributing entire body weight evenly on the sole of feet.
I recommend the services or therapeutic products of Ram orthotics to meet the ground needs of basket ball players. Thanks the teams for the support.