Achilles Tendonitis



Extremely common injury among sportsmen and sportswomen. The area of the Achilles tendon that causes most complaints is the zone 8-10 cm proximal to the top of the posterior aspect of the calcaneus. The tendon comprises two muscles that are the main decelerators of the leg, in all activities. It is also supinators of the subtalar joint and plantar flexor of the ankle.

Functional overuse of the tendon obviously plays a major role.

The momentum of the body drives the leg over and forward of the weight-bearing foot in preparation for propulsion. The ankle becomes maximally dorsiflexed by the combined action of the body weight traveling forward and the ground reaction forces resisting the movement of the foot. The more force exerted by the runner moving forward, either by running faster or with a longer stride, the greater the force pushing the ankle into dorsiflexion. This causes stress on the posterior soft tissues, including Tendo Achilles.

Treatment: Apply ice to the affected part, support foot and ankle to prevent unnecessary movement, put a heel lift in the shoe to rest the part.