Corn & Callus
Foot Orthotics helps to prevent corns and callous by equalizing the pressure on the sole of the foot
when walking, this limits the amount of pronation.
Diabetic foot problems Treatment

Foot Orthotics control abnormal foot function and accommodate painful areas of the foot. It can compensate for impaired foot functions by controlling abnormal motion across the joints of the foot which result in dramatic improvement in foot symptoms.

       Claw Toes
Foot Orthotics helps to realign the foot where the cause is Flat Feet and allows the forces that are
causing the problem to be directed to where they should be and not where they should be and
where they are making the situation worse.
Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Delhi


It is general term used to denote pain under the ball of the foot (the area just before the toes). Custom Foot Orthotics are prescribed to help take weight off the painful area of the foot. It “hugs” the arch of foot in order to transfer force off the metatarsal heads and onto the arch.It functions better than typical Orthotics at reducing pressure under the ball of the foot.
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