Can I keep taking my medication when using Ayurveda?

Ayurveda can be used in conjunction with Western allopathic medicine. Drugs can save lives, but because of their toxicity they can also weaken or damage the body with side effects. Ayurveda can help protect and make the body stronger after or along with drugs or surgery. It is very important to let your Ayurveda practitioner know what medications you are on, so he can recommend the appropriate Ayurveda regime for you.

 How can Panchakarma benefit me?

Panchakarma helps to cleanse toxins that accumulate from improperly digested food, as well as other environmental factors, such as seasonal changes, stress and unresolved emotions, and provides a deep state of relaxation that helps to release chronic stress and tension, all of which act as obstacles to the healing process of chronic diseases and to your overall well being. Panchakarma also helps to counteract imbalances caused by seasonal changes, which can often weaken your immunity and leave you predisposed to ailments such as inflammations, colds, flu, respiratory infections, allergies, depression, etc., depending on your constitution and constitutional weaknesses. Ayurveda recommends doing Panchakarma at least once a year to promote overall health and longevity, and prevent disease.

 How does Ayurveda work?

The main purpose of our organism is to keep us alive. That is its function, its duty. Ayurveda's main objective is to balance the doshas according to your original constitution. When the doshas are in balance, the organism can function properly. Ayurveda focuses on removing the underlying cause of symptoms, which are the result of doshic imbalance. For that purpose, Ayurveda uses medicinal herbs, cooking methods, rejuvenating therapies, and daily routines (called dinacharya). A diet and lifestyle in harmony with your original constitution will strengthen your body, mind, and consciousness, and prevent disorders at all levels.

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